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Unit Turn In Tennis – Fundamental Rules For Forehand & Backhand

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You’ve surely heard of the term unit turn when teaching tennis players how to prepare and initiate their forehand or backhand stroke.

At first glance is may seem that executing the unit turn is a very simple thing to do and yet I see two major mistakes in my daily work with tennis players.

The first mistake is that you think that the “unit” that you need to turn is the whole of you from toes to the head.

If that’s how you imagine the unit you’ll surely start with the incorrect weight transfer.

And the second common mistake is that when your body turns to the side it also “pulls” your head to the side which also tends to tilt.

When your head and therefore your eyes are not both pointing at the ball you will lose the ability to judge depth well and that will result in poor timing and typically hitting the ball late.

So this week’s video article shows you how to do the basic unit turn correctly and what the head position of the pros looks like compared to a recreational tennis players.

The good news is that these two mistakes are quite easy to correct, you just need to be aware of the problem.


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