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The Tough Warning Mike Tyson Got About Returning To The Ring

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After announcing that he wanted to make a return to boxing, Mike Tyson received some stern warnings from colleagues, foes, and fans alike. In May 2020, the former world heavyweight champion posted two videos about a week apart that caught fans’ attention. In the first one, he was growling through his training process and showing off his punching power. A second training video was called “insanely violent” by TMZ and ended with Mike saying,

These videos come after Evander Holyfield posted on Instagram about making a comeback for his charity, which is likely why Mike responded in kind. Fans were pretty stoked, with one commenting on Holyfield’s post,

“Imagine how much money a Holyfield v Tyson lll would make.”

Another fan commented on Mike’s video, quote, “wow wow wow,” perfectly summing up everyone’s feelings about watching these two men go at it yet again.

Even if it’s for charity, at 53 years old, a comeback might not be the easiest or smartest thing to do. Then again, this is Mike Tyson we’re talking about, and some of boxing’s greatest are already lining up for their chance to get in the ring with him.

Once Mike Tyson made it clear that he would be making a comeback for charity, boxing buffs were placing their bets on who the first matchup would be. One potential offer came from John Fury, boxer Tyson Fury’s dad. He posted a video on Instagram saying that he doesn’t value his life and would happily get knocked out by the 53-year-old former world heavyweight champion. He said,

“I’m looking at fighting Mike Tyson…Mike’s making a comeback. I don’t value my life…But let me tell you something. Mike is someone worth doing charity with. He’s a proper king of a Champion. He’s a proper man tried and tested.”

He appeared to be serious, too, though if he were to really get in the ring with Mike, judging from those comeback videos, the elder Fury wouldn’t last very long at all.

John Fury is basically begging Mike Tyson to batter him upon his return to the ring, but his son might have a better shot. While Mike was the champ in his day, Tyson Fury is quickly taking on his record and both men have thought about who would win in a matchup. According to TalkSport, Mike thinks he could take Tyson Fury and some other current young boxing champs on, but there is one catch: He would have to go back in time. He said,

“Listen, if you’re asking me if I was 20 years old, Yes! There’s no doubt. They’re really good fighters and I respect all these skills. It would have been very tough fighting them.”

The younger Fury thinks so, too. Tyson Fury said in 2018 that he’s convinced Mike would knock him out, prompting the legend to respond. Iron Mike told the young athlete,

“Hey Tyson Fury, I heard you said I’d knock you out if we fought. Hey man, you gotta have more confidence in yourself, anything can happen in a fight. You see Buster Douglas knocked me out so anything can happen.”

Anything CAN happen, which is why some other boxing fans don’t think Mike should make a comeback at all, even if it’s for charity.

Although many people seem to be excited about a potential comeback for Mike Tyson, others are worried about him. Fellow boxer Ricky Hatton thinks that Mike would regress if he got back in the ring. He said,

“But Mike’s mentally got himself on track. He’s not just got himself physically on track. He’s looking better and he’s talking better, he’s thinking better, that’s why he’s doing motivation speaking.”

The Hitman added,

“Now his body is right and his head’s right, why is he thinking about a comeback? I don’t get it. It would be a tragedy for him after going through all those bad times to getting right on the straight and narrow to giving himself some serious injury. It would be heartbreaking.”

It definitely would be heartbreaking if something happened to Mike, but a few rounds for charity can’t hurt, right?

Watch the video to see The Tough Warning Mike Tyson Got About Returning To The Ring.

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