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The Grand National – 1979 – won by Rubstic

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Three-times winner of this famous Steeplechase ‘Red Rum’ paraded before the crowds at Aintree Racecourse before the start of the Race. There were many fallers in this year’s race, at Fence No 15 – The Chair – loose horses cutting across the field caused many jockeys and their mounts to be parted. At the Post it was ‘Rubstic’ first, ‘Zongalero’ second with ‘Rough and Tumble’ just beaten into third place. ‘Rubstic’s’ victory was the first Grand National to go to a Scottish trained horse and a proud Scottish owner, ex-Rugby Union International, John Douglas.

GV grandstand and crowd. MCU trophies on display. MS Red Rum paraded before crowd. CU crowd looking. MS paddock scene with Double Negative (17) being mounted (Jockey – Amateur – Mr E Woods). MS Godfrey Secundus (13) pan to Rubstic (22) blanket removed pan to jockey Jonjo O’Neill on Alverton (3). LS bookies. CU ditto with sign ‘We take cash’. MS ditto. CU punter with cigar. CU bookies bag with name ‘W Saddler’. CU tic-tack man. MS horses paraded in front of grandstand. GV horse parade. LS Sandwilan (36) with woman jockey Mrs Jenny Hembrow. GV horses parade. LS crowd. GV horses milling before start. Spectators with binoculars. GV start. Tracking shot of race with horses, Double Negative, Sandwilan, Vindicate and Wayward Scot falling at fence No 1. Over jump No 2 with no fallers ditto with jumps 3 and 4. Tracking with Rubstic (22), Kick On (30), Artistic Prince (18) and Alverton. LS over jump No 6 Becher’s Brook and fallers are Oskard (32) and Purdo (5). Track over jump 7 with no fallers. GV Canal Turn fence 8. Track approaching No 9 Valentine’s Brook. Various front view horses over Valentines and away. Track over jump No 10 Drumroan (12) falls. LS horses over jump 13 and 14. GV horses towards jump 15 ‘The Chair’ being interfered with 2 loose horses careering around. Field take jump and fallers are Alpenstock, Ben Nevis, Cartwright, Godfrey Secundus, Kick On, Kintai (who is killed) No Gypsy, Rambling Artist, The Champ. MS spectators. Repeat action from different angle. GV horse and Water Jump No 16. MS horses round bend for 2nd circuit. Track over jump 18 no fallers. Over jump 19. Rubstic, Zongalero, Alverton all behind Wagner (not seen). Over jump 21 faller Brown Admiral pan to Rough & Tumble. GV horses to Becher’s Brook – Alverton falls and is killed, Mr Snowman and Churchtown Boy also fall. Track with Wagner and Rubstic approaching Canal Jump. Horses over Canal Turn. Track with Wagner in lead from Rubstic and Rough and Tumble. Various front view horses over Valentines. Track Wagner leads field over jump 26. Track with Rubstic and loose horses and over jump 27 faller are Artistic Prince and Coolishall pan to Rough & Tumble followed by The Pilgarlic over jump 28. Horses over jump 29. Horses approach jump 30. Horses over pan to Rubstic to Zongalero and Rough & Tumble. GV horses towards finish. CU Rough & Tumble as Rubstic and Zongalero draw ahead and all 3 race for post. GV 3 horses race for post all behind loose horse. MS finish. Zoom in winner Rubstic and jockey Maurice Barnes led through crowd. MS losers walk in. GV winner in unsaddling enclosure. MS crowd. Winner Rubstic and owner John Douglas.

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