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The Grand National (1926)

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Aintree, Merseyside (formerly Lancashire).

Title: “The Grand National 1926”.

Intertitle: “The WORLD’S GREATEST RACE. The Race for ‘GRAND NATIONAL’ – first run in 1837 – is 4 miles 836 yards over 30 obstacles and is worth £5000 to the winner”.

Panning shot of horses with blankets over their backs being led around an enclosure, a crowd watches them from behind a barrier. M/S of horses being led past the crowd. Various panning shots follows individual horses as they are led past the crowd, most wear blankets and hoods. Various shots of jockeys mounting their horses. L/S of large boards being erected with the names and numbers of the jockeys on.

Intertitle: “The Parade”.

Various shots of jockeys on their horses being led past crowds, most people in the crowd hold cards with they refer to as the horses pass. High angled panning shot over the crowd to the race course. M/S of the horses are being led to their starting positions on the course.

Intertitle: “All eyes on the packed stands were then glued on the Start – which was a perfect one”.

High angled shot of the start of the race.

Intertitle: “Silvo and Grecian Wave – both well fancied – fell at the first fence”.

L/S of the horses jumping a tall fence, three horses fall, throwing their jockeys off, one of the jockeys appears to be unconscious.

Intertitle: “Now again – ever so gracefully – in slow motion”.

Slow motion L/S of horses going over the same fence.

Intertitle: “Knight of the Wilderness – the hope of Ireland – fell at the 3rd fence”.

Various L/Ss of horses going over another fence, a white horses throws it jockey off but continues to run.

Intertitle: “Koko was brought down by ‘Lee Bridge’ at Becher’s Brook”.

L/S of the horses jumping over another jump, four horses are seen to fall. M/S, taken from the side of the fence, of horses coming over the same fence, several horses fall close to the camera. More shots of horses jumping fences.

Intertitle: “The Canal Turn”.

L/S of the horses coming around sharp bend in the course.

Intertitle: “And in Slow-Motion”.

Same shot, this time in slow motion.

Intertitle: “Valentine’s Brook”.

Various L/Ss of horses jumping fences on different parts of the Aintree course. High angled L/S of the race, one of the riderless horses gallops over the barriers and off the course.

Intertitle: “2nd time round”.

Various L/Ss of horses coming over a jump, more horses fall throwing off their riders.

Intertitle: “Our unique ‘stop-slow-motion camera’ shows you how they jumped Bechers Brook”.

Slow motion M/S of horses going over a high fence, several freeze frames show horses in mid air.

Intertitle: “Bright Boy led Old Tay Bridge and Jack Horner at the last Jump”.

L/S of the final, relatively small, group of horses going over the last fence.

Intertitle: “Jack Horner – overhauled Old Tay Bridge on the flat, to win ‘the World’s greatest race’ for his American Owner, Mr. C. Shcwartz”.

M/S of horses racing down the final straight. Various shots of the winning jockey and horse being escorted by mounted policemen and policemen on foot through a densely packed crowd. Once inside a marquee, the winning jockey dismounts his horse, a large crowd of well-wishers watches. C/U of the winning horse looking out of a stable door, three men stand next to him.
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