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QuestZDoom, Oculus Quest 2, Audio Trip, Mini Motor Racing X – Latest Oculus Quest News & Games

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In this weeks Quest Digest we take a look at the talk surrounding the Oculus Quest 2 and what it might look like. We also discuss the Telepath locomotion system by Aldin, could this change the way we move around in VR?

We check out the latest for the highly anticipated QuestZDoom and go over what we know so far. We then check out the latest releases in the Oculus store. This includes Audio Trip and Let’s Create Pottery VR, a major update the Espire 1, and Tetris Effect and Mini Motor Racing X coming soon to the store.

Finally, we check our SideQuest for some of the latest games and experiences that caught my eye this week. Let me know what you think of this weeks news in the comments below.


Oculus Quest 2.0: 0:35
Telepath Locomotion system for Waltz the Wizard: 1:22
QuestZDoom what we know so far: 2:01
Oculus Quest store releases and coming soon: 3:20
SideQuest releases: 4:39

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Bloomberg article on Oculus Quest 2.0:
QuestZDoom reddit page:
Download Sidequest:


Aldin Telepath locomotion:
Audio Trip:
Let’s Create Pottery VR:
Espire 1 Assimilation Update:
Tetris Effect on PSVR:
Mini Motor X Racing:

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