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Quadriplegic Wheelchair to Car Transfer

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Quadriplegic Wheelchair to Car Transfer
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Everyone has been asking to see how we performed our first car transfer so we decided to record it! This is only our second time attempting a car transfer together. It is not a tutorial and we know we have things we can greatly improve on.

Also, Cole drives a truck that is modified for him whenever we go out to do things. This kind of transfer only occurs when his truck isn’t functioning properly and we don’t have the van that is also modified for him.
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Hey everyone! We’re Cole & Charisma. Since the start of our relationship we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how we make things work as not only an interracial couple, but an interabled one as well. There are certainly differences, and despite them we have a great time, all the time! On this channel, you’ll find travel vlogs, Q&As, couple challenges, how-to/educational videos and more. We started this channel to bring people into our lives so we can answer some questions about how we navigate the world. We’ll show you behind-the-scenes stuff people typically don’t see, and hopefully raise awareness surrounding accessibility and dating in a wheelchair. You’ll quickly see in our episodes that we’re all about positivity, inclusion, and keeping a great attitude no matter your circumstances, so if that’s what you’re into, you’re in the right place!


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