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Jeremy Clarkson but he's T H I C C

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THICC British Man
0:00 Opens Door
0:03 Looks up at sky
0:06 Awkward smile
0:07 Blurry Clarkson
0:10 Not impressed by Ferrari
0:12 Walks past Mercedes
0:15 walks down steps
0:16 Grabs tie
0:17 Tucks tie into shirt
0:19 Grabs pole
0:20 Looks at hand
0:21 Smells hand
0:22 Stares at hand
0:23 Walks off frame
0:25 Smiles at shitty Maserati
0:28 Inserts key and unlocks door
0:30 Opens door
0:31 Sits inside Maserati
0:32 Gets comfy
0:34 Tries to start car
0:39 Doesn’t start
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